Chennai becomes Ooty as a think blanket of fog develops around the city and all of a sudden you feel Chennai might soon start snowing (that's what I thought in Childhood,when Bhogi was not known to me ..as all I was bothered was only the "pongal" they made ..as it satisfied my tounge and tummy ). Over the years , due to the awareness drive by the NGO's,Police and Goverment about the ill's of burning materials and causing pollution , many people seem to have stopped burning unwanted material...and the smog on the road on Bhogi day seems to have considerably reduced .

Another reason to celebrate is ..of course the fact that Indo -Pak cricket series kicks of today . Our Company has relaunched it's cricket page at www.sulekha.com/cricket . Incase you are an avid cricket follower who wants regular updates on scores , then just try the above URL as I would be glad to recieve your feedback on the page.

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Jeevan said...

I think compare to last year, this year the Polition is low in Bhogi fire. Wish You a Happy Pongalo Pongal Karthik.:)

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