Tete a Tete with Nagesh Kukunoor

I attended Nagesh's lecture at IIT Saarang today in the afternoon and have one word to describe that session "HE ROCKED". I manged to click him on my mobile ..when I spoke to him and he gave me one of those wicked smiles ....but thanks to my ever slow -Window's resembling Motorola OS ..that hangs when u take a pic...the wicked smile was not covered. Nevertherless His lecture today touched my emotions a lot ..especially when he told that "Unless and untill u have a passion for what ur doing , its not worth dragging urself to work" and thats how the Engineer turned into temporary corporate marketing and ended up doing what his heart wanted to ..." movies" . I could so bloody vicariously relate to this as I went through very similar emotions during my 14 month tenure faking to the world that I was a software engineer...by degree,when by passion I was more of a guy who liked to be lost in his literary world..and write and read a lot. I had to take the extreme decesion of quitting my software job,as I felt it was eating into my creativity and life in general.So Really enjoyed Nagesh's lecture and could relate to it a lot.Have a lot of work as now ..so will do a detailed post on this later...once I am home.


Ram said...

Gud Post da, btw is Nagesh shooting any new movies now?

Paurna said...

ram,i think he is shooting another movie for subhash ghai's production house

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