The week that was !!

Well last friday could be aptly called D -DAY ..if i was Hitler . 3 results bombed ...CAT,jmet and Nmims .Nmims was quite close ..with me missing the cut off by 1. something nett ...but as the saying goes ..if.u miss ..u r on the wrong side ...of success...and XAT today was no better.

The work schedule also seems to be quite cramped as I am learning ways to finish my work as quick as possible and without mistakes.The whole of last week was a good example of practising time management ..though with less flattering results.

And finally when I found time to see a movie on my DVD player ..I got a really rotten movie called Blue Lagoon from my friend,whcih explores life marooned on an island...the story intially was all set for an adventure ..but sadly it never took off ..and after 2 hours of patience...I succumbed to the world of slumber even as my dvd player finished running the 3 hour marathon in playing the ful movie.

My comp at home is as usual giving me the niggles,so that explains why not much activity is seen on this blog.

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