New Year Resolutions and much more

Frankly speaking I have never made a new year resolution..because I never felt the desperate need to do something..with full gusto ..as any given day as long as the required work caught my attention , I would devote myself fully to the cause and immerse into the work.But as years have gone by I realise ..new year resolutions are more so long terms plans...which if executed succesfully ..instills a sense of confidence which is pretty much unparralled. I have never done anything so far in my life with a long term vision ..so I have decided to focus my attention this year on things that I dont like generally .,or things that I might have chronically avoided.. so that I start liking them and become more enlightened by the year(Coding ,english grammar .......)

My immediate long term goal for this year was fuelled in today's morning's train journey from Guindy railway station to Egmore...when i saw literally every one from a student to a hawker dabbing away sms'es to beat the monotony of the train journey. 5 years back Could we have even expected us to have cell phones , leave alone the hawkers ..? Those days having a cell phone was a huge status symboland was largely seen as an elitist possession...as very few had cell phones then..and very few saw the need of buying one and speaking across to their dear ones....as the popular excuse was ..why a cell phone ..when I can use a PCO for 1 rupee.... fair enough .... !!!

But then came along the Ambani's ..who decided that instead of tageting the elite ...they would target the middle class segment also ...and lo they started a revolution by creating the need for having a cell phone in the minds of every indian ..across the width and breadth of the country. So that revolution left me stunned ...as people who chasticised me for having a cell phone (I used one in college from 2002)..were now behaving as if cell phones were the very oxygen of their existence. The mobile revolution has gone to the extent of PCO's actually complaining to the goverment as they hardly get customers ..as every Tom,dick and harry has a mobile (ubiquitously it would be Nokia 1100 ).

Coming to my new year resolution on a long term basis ...I plan to make the common man blog .... it actually sounds interesting as my mind is flooded with plethora of idea's to go about implementing it...just needs some fine tuning and practical thoughts + a certain objective minded creativity to hit the target.... so 363 days of fun ahead ....

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