The mother of all cricketing battles gets underway daya fter tommorow , but its a little sad that DD would not be covering it,but contrastingly ..I am happy for 10 sports , that it is having exclusive rights to teelcast the live feed , as I felt DD was bullying it's way into forcing Ten sports to share its telecast over the year's....and this is actually , in a small way victory of democracy.

I feel DD should have got into an agreement with Ten sports ,where they telecast the live feed,but have no rights over the ad spots..leaving that a replica of what comes on Ten sports..just incase the goverment was really interested in the larger scheme of things of making people view a historic series (Thats's how each series is termed).

Anyway ..I would not have a problem ,as I have a set-top box.My intuition says India is going to crush pakistan in both the tests and the Odi's as I see a positive esurgence in this team, and the win-more- hungry attitude ..that has never been reflected before ...sans a few moments under Ganguly.

My team would go like this

1 Gautam Gambhir
2 Viernder Sehwag
3 Laxman
4 Tendulkar
5 Dravid
6 Ganguly
7 Dhoni
8 Pathan
9 Kumble
10 Zaheer
11 Agarkar

I would also by writing daily blogs covering the series on sulekha...so will do a parallel post on blogger too .


revatechnic said...

great news that you will be parallel blogging.
NOt much of a cricket fan, but will be interested to keep up.
Cheers dude.

senthil natarajan said...

somehow i have never had the flair for cricket!!! nyways
u write well dude!

Kartik Kannan said...

Thanks senthil

Ram said...

CAS exists only in Chennai, and what do you think about that da?

Kartik Kannan said...

Well Honestly the CAS thing really sucks big time ... as it's being rolled out only in Chennai and no where else.Now After having forked out 6000 rs on buying a set top box and some accesories...I actually dont want the govermentto roll it back...but to make it compulsary in every other city/town in India.

But one thing with CAS is that it requires a one tikme onvestment on a set top box , but the clarity of relay is very good and people dont pay for channels that they otherwise wont watch.I guess in my area I am one among the 15 households who've opted for CAS among 10000 houses..so that kinda explains that V,MTV,ESPN,SONY,ZEE Channels are not the primemost channels chennai viewers would subscribe too.They are happy as long as They get to sob along with Chithi and other women-oriented soaps

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