Busy at work

It's been quite a hectic week , and even though I work nearly 12-13 hours a day I somehow dont feel I am working that hard,because there is no boredom factor setting in. Ya excel work may at times be sleep inducing ,but only after coming here do i realise how potent a tool Excel is. The whole week was a little bad on the health factor as I was down with a running nose and light fever ..accompanied by a very bad throat.

I also managed to deliver a lecture session at the Rotary Club of marina at the Anna University auditorium and found it a god platform to convince people why blogging really is the "in " thing and how it can be used a corporate tool. It went off pretty well and am actually open to giving such sessions more to spread the power of blogging and of course improve my presentation skills.Thanks to Kiruba , I got a good opppurtunity to present myself at the Rotary club.

Its actually quite some time since i spent time yacking with my friends on the phone or even met up with them, so have plans to go out on the weekend with a few of my close friends. I plan to publish a short story every week , to add some variety to my posts and also write articles on cricket .. though the original purpose was meant for a few requirements at office.

Phew ...am just leaving office ..and I found this rather controversial but interesting article on the web via RSS feeds about how people in Egypt are planning to have sex with their clothes on and why masturbation is a crime in Islamic circles (Most funniest of reasons ...wastage of semen :-) )
At least If they had said the mind becomes corrupt or something on the lines of any PMK activist on anything remotely on sex...it would have seemed believable by indian hypocrism..but this beats me .Check the article here


Neel Arurkar said...

:-) Remember an advertisement on a porn site that urged to masturbate for peace. Needless to say, I participated ;-)

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hi Kartik,
Tht was a very nice post. Looking eagerly for your posts on short stories. You Seem to be workacholic. ;) But Take care!

Have a nice day,
Ponnarasi Kothandaraman.

Anonymous said...

Hi...very nice post.It was interesting and hilarious.You are doing a goodjob with your posts.Takecare Mr.Workacholic :-)

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