The SUN Index

How many of us have time to see the sunrise and the sunset,giventhe fact that we get up beyond sunrise after a late night at office and are unoblivious of the wonderful pinkish-bbluish-orangish sunset that descends on the horizon of every city.

Seems really strange and talking about sunset,I am reminded of my erstwhile roomie in Bangalore uring the Infy days,who used to remark that he never liked working after sunset,but sadly staying in the IT Industry and expecting to leave before sunset is like asking for snowfall in Chennai,unless and untill the company hires you to be on bench. This was taken outside my office from the 4th floor.

I also have bought a Canon A410 DIGITAL Camera and I guess I will be on a shoe string budget for the next 3 months as I seem to have spent quite a sum in the last month or so as adding to my monetory woes is a car patch up,after a small accident on saturday.I hear that It will cost 20k and higher to remove the dents..so that makes me grounded ..and Some guy seems to have pushed my bike at parking lot and didnt bother to see the damage ..as my Brakes are broken and so is my rear view mirror.I had to drive at 20km/hr from Santhome to Madipakkam after the Barkha Dutt shoot out for We the people. Ovreall the only feel good factor in the whole week was my new digicam,else everything else went according to Murphy's lawtesting my patience.I will put up the Brakha dut show photo's later in the day as I need to sort them out and reduce the file size to put i up on blogger.

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