The "Pretty women "

The "Pretty women ", originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

The Shankar Mahadevan concert at IIT rocked big time.Moer on that a little later ...in the day.. This was a funny moment when the pretty woman song when from Kal ho na ho was sung by him...so he requested some PYT's (Pretty young things )to come up on stage ..and they had a blast ...but we as an audience sitting 10 feet away had a bigger blast watching the chicks dance (What 2 do..Boys will be boys )


Madras to Ambai said...

Man why don't u write smthing about your journey frm infy to sulekha..the trials n tribulations u went thru. shld be an interesting read.

Kartik Kannan said...

HI MADRAS 2 AMBAI ....I thought I already wrote a small piece on that in my dember/jan archives .Moreover I dont want 2 write one more which would be self glorification .Its just a small job change that's made me happy.I am literally on trial ..here as people at home ..are soooo cross with me for having left Infy.I need to work hard and come up trumps...and only when victory in a big way is achieved will It be worth writing about this decesion.So keep watching this space.....as I belive sucess aint too far away ...and as u wanted an article on that may soon be up within the next 6 months...but not certainly now..

Thanks for visiting my blog

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hi Kartik,
Nice posts and photos too. You are yet to reply for my query... 24th Jan.

Have a nice day,

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