It's the Time To Disco

Well , Things dont get better... Looks like a walk down memory lane especially college days ...for the next week. From Office I get encouraged to go to saarang to attend some of the events , not as a sposnor ,but just to enjoy the atmosphere and of course to cursorily monitor the event that we are sponsoring at IIT Madras. Following this a couple of days later I am slated to go to my college to attend the alumni meet.

Coming back to saarang,I've always enjoyed being at the music shows ... and just walking down the lovely road to the IIT gate itself can be a wonderful experience. When I was in college , the main aim of catching up on saarang apart from the events was obviously the chicks one would get to see and interact. I remember particpating in one of the informals last year which had a proposal contest where a girl would judge guys ,and pick the one who flattered her the most. The dame (that's self proclaimed from her ) was not impressed by some of my romantic one liner's ..and the rest of the crowd who recited dialogues from famous romantic movies "something like I will break the moon and place it in ur lap" kinda drooling talkultimately after avoiding all of us the girl fell for a guy..who just went to the stage and did a nanga naach by taking his shirt off and threatening to take his bottom part off. Obviously the girl had enough of what she wanted and she didnt want the lower floor being emptied in a common forum ,she'd rather have exclusive coverage of that event.

I remeber winning a gift certificate from LANDMARK last year at Saarang after breaking a Matka after being blindfolded ..and after several swings of the stick in freespace ..I did what afridi would do to rad and white balls of leather...and lo the matka or the pot instantly was a scattered jigsaw puzzle .

Saarang somehow brings back great memories of college and school days ,as more often than not that is the place I would invariably bump into former friends and get updates on which chick got married/hooked etc etc .

This year Shankar ehsaan and loy are performing and am waitinng to listen to their song fro rockford ..which I have special memories ..also because Nagesh kukunoor directed the movie. By the way Nagesh is speaking tommorow at IIT and I plan to attend the session coupling it with the Lunch time at Saarang. He is one film maker whose movies remain one of my favourites.

So a great week starts tommorow ... I will be uploading some photographs from the event ...

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Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Looking for your future posts on Saarang. BYW can i blogroll you?

Have a nice day,
Ponnarasi Kothandaraman

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