The Height of Cupidity ...

Well this happens to be an event at this years IIT Cultural Fest Saarang 06 .

www.Sulekha.com has again tied up this year with Saarang to sponsor the Blog-athon contest which includes

a.) Mobile Blogging - Take a picture, write a caption and send it.

b.) Blog on the suggested topics ...(click here to see the topics)

c.) Write on what you know/feel about romance in your life.

More about the Romance event which is an excersise to find out the Romantic quotient in a person and maps to find out the most romantic bloggers.Well for all those who grope around Saarang gaping at the opposite sex...Here's a great oppurtunity to find out whose Romantic IQ matches your's ...

Here are some of the suggested Topics

1. It was at Saarang... that I met her

2. It was at a lonely station that we met....

3. On how I proposed to her........

Well pls do spread the word around to other bloggers too .. "A lot can happen over a blog " .


Dinesh said...

Hi Karthik,
Thanks for stopping by my blog :-).

I got 96.4 percentile in CAT and a score of 94 in SNAP. I've applied to SPJain, IMT Ghaziabad, TAPMI, BIM and SCMHRD. I guess I'll know which institutes will call only after the 20th.

How about you?

Anonymous said...


I used to read your blog regularly. But nowadays, I feel there is a lot more campaigning/advertising about sulekha than what you used to write. It is not a complaint. Just an observation.

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