Nagesk Kukunoor at IIT

Nagesk Kukunoor at IIT, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

Nagesh Kukunoor's Lecture at the IIT as part of the Saarang 2006 cultural festival was a superb one.I left office at 12 noon ,thanks to a very cooperative team and boss,who encouraged me to attend his session after i had told him the previous day, that I would like to attend Nagesh's session.The best part of his speech as said in my previous post was his story,as to how he made it against all odds into bolywood in his own imitable style.One thing that I find in his movies are they represent the true emotions of the guy/girl next door and he stays far dancing around trees and the alps and cliched formula love stories hinging around opulence and sugar coated goddy-goody families ,where villaians dont exist.

I have seen all of his movies except for Teen deewarein, the last of them being OQBAL ...which he said ..was one of his "closest to heart" movies.

Some of the higligts of the session was when a girl asked him how did he frame the lyrics of the song "dil pe mat le yaar,haaath pe le " ...to which he replied .."sometimes u need to be a man to feel it ".Needless to say the whole audience was giggles all over..bowled over by the frank replies he gave.

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