We the People-In Chennai Today

The Barkha Dutt anchored talkshow 'We The People' is going to be shot in Chennai this evening (29th Jan). The topic is to discuss the much despised 'Dress Code' being imposed on the college students.Alaphia, correspondent at the Chennai NDTV office, is looking for enthusiastic opinionated folks to share your views in the program. As can be easily judged, there are lots of folks against the dress code. Since this is a sort of debate show, she is looking for someone who sees sense in the imposed dress code and can vouch for it. You probably stand a better chance of being on the show.Either ways, if you wanna participate, send an email to audience@ndtv.com with your interest and contact details.

(Via Kiruba)

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Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Anna Univ, VC is really over doing in these issues. But his views are rite in a way.

BTW, You are mugtagged. Pls check out my blog.

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