The Auditorium

The Auditorium, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

The auditorium,prayer hall,ground for hand cricket ...and u name it ..we used the audi for anything and every thing.

As i basked in the evening light that came through a 15 year iold broken gaping hole in the window....I travelled to the days of innocence ...the good ol school days...

This was the place where I first spoke on stage and stammered and stuttered with my legs shivering in some unknown fear..way back in class 6-7 and afterwards I got used to the stage...and started giving those famous "value week" and "2 minute" speeches....and of course counducting three runs of my sports quiz "REFEREES VERDICT" .....

The audi was an ideal place for our 4 overs hand cricket matches that were played with extreme gusto during our Pt periods ..not to forget the games of hand tennis on one side of the badminton court flanking the Audi.

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