Chennai yesterday

Chennai yesterday, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

When it is about to rain , the wonderful smell of the earth conjures up images of this lovely phenomenen of nature,that makes the sky cry ...and it's even more comforting when the rains come in the summer season of chennai,as it cools up the place ...

There is a general sense of euphoric victory within the mind , when the beating sun takes a break and the cloud's send their famous son CUMOLO-NIMBOUS to deliver the rains.When the weather is cloudy and overcast,suprisingly the mood tends to get better...and in such weather ..all u need is a refreshing cup of tea/coffee to savour the rains in the backdrop. It's good that Chennai keeps getting these occaissional spells of rains in peak summer , when the mercury ought to be perched on the other side of 40.

A really lovely feeling encompasses me, when the skies are covered by dark clouds, spelling R A I N ...and it's such sublime moments when I feel like being on a holilday...amidst the mist of lofty mountains...and what better way to do that...as I am shooting off to OOTY this weekend.

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