The Day I saw GOD

Generally ...if something desperately needed to happen for us ...we would turn straight up with a blank look pointing to the open skies ,as if we were searching for a solution that was appear in the sky.We all pray God , for various reason's ... as per our requirements and consience,but my God was some one for whom I used to pray. Those days I never really could understand how people would be mesmerised by just seeing idols in temple , or by just attending any abishekam . This little piece talk about ...how even I was mesmerized by the "G O D " .

It was glum overcast august 1999 evening with dark skies looming around the Chennai horizon .I was with my friends Nirenjan and Chinu , attired in our school uniform .We had just then won a quiz or our school at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan , in the PS school culturals .We were on cloud 9 , after that victory .I was fearing whether the skies may open before I reach my place,which was quite far from Mylapore (madipakkam indeed was where I lived). All of a sudden a thought struck me , which I confided in my friends and ecen they seemed Ok with the "flash thought" ...pay a visit to a mystic person whom I had seen only on the television before and once interviewed him for my school magazine way back in 1996. He had again come this year to Chennai ...enroute to his "conference" in Singapore.

This person to me was more than just a myth ...a rare person ..so to say one of a kind ..who always had me in awe of him.He had a mesmerizing affect on me ,whenever I saw him speak or perform his routine actions . He had an uncanny knack of dealing and smelling with different kinds of leather's 15-20 yards away . knew even though I had interviewed him 3 years back,he would hardly remember me.He had so may "devotees" visiting him and was probably much well known in the country than Saibaba or Shankaracharya or any revered Godman. I had heard from the local newspaper , our very own THE HINDU , that this person , whom I am talking about was staying at TAJ CORAMANDAL.

We three made a dash to Nungambakkam high road and as we entered the TAJ ..we saw that quite a few people were waiting for him .Some people spoke as though they were the right hand of "this " GOD and knew various ways of getting thru to his room.But soon the din and the light commotion, evaporated quicker than petrol would in thin air. We were yold that the "GOD " was unwell and would not be coming down to address the media.I sure was dissapointed , but though having come there all the way, we decided we may almost stay there for an hour as, the ambience was amazing at the TAJ...and anyway we were to flunk the next day's Organic Chemistry test...so we roamed about and finally our tired legs seemed to suggest that it had been a long day .

We were just close to the lift...and as we paused to take a breath, the doors of the lift all off a sudden opened and I could see something that just left me staring, with me totally haven gone numb,mouth wide open ,staring in disbelief at somebody whom I never expected to see in the evening.The scribes and the journos didnt seem to see him ...but as people casually glanced towards my direction ...they must have thought I was a in the midst of a bout of Fits ...and just as they glanced towards me , their eyes fell on the person who I was staring at ......and lo the scribes and the journos lunged forward to invade my "GOD's " privacy being pointing mikes to him and expecting him to utter some thing on that god damn mike.

I had stared at this GOD longer than the 15-20 seconds I usually gaze at Lord Venkateshwara at tirupati and the kind of mesmerizing effect it had had me in a trance ...

Well if u wanna know the GOD'S name , He is more popularly known as S.R.T (Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar )....who makes people switch off their daily chores and switch on the televisions to catch a glimpse of this famous son of India .

so that was my brief sojourn with GOD .........................

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