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serpentine queues, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

This was where things started going wrong.I was to wait in the line, as my friend called up saying that he would be late and he needed some one to register for him ,so that he doesn't have to spend half the day in the blazing sun just to register.So since I had come there to drop Santosh,I decided I may as well do the registration for my other friend ...and as time went by ..he didnt turn up and not knowing what to do after standing for close to half an hour , I couldnt bluff around putting my friend's name and the wrong photo at the registration desk, so decided that I might as well join the fun ...and decided to take the test.

The one thing about waiting in these queues during any major walk-in (TCS,ORACLE,Polaris...VERIZON )..this actually presents a very good oppurtunity to catch up on old school/college mates who'd be prying their eyes on the next possisble gap in the line to lunge forward and move ahead cutting across people.

There are some unwritten rules for a walk-in and decency for once never prevails here....


1) Push harder and harder,if u must ,inorder to get ahead in the line ,as who knows ...how much more longer one has to bear the agony of standing in the line.

2)If some one breaks the line and get's ahead of you , u cant question him...that's bcoz he's smart enough to go where he thinks , he can.

3) Be always on the look out for college mates/old friends...who are ahead of u in theline , so that in the pretext of meeting them...u also barge into the line in the softest possible way.

4)Dont look mournful when u see a huge queue ahead of u ...Star talking with some friend or stranger and u would wonder how quickly time flies away.

5)Dont get psyched by the magnitude of the people coming in to write the test..if u believe ur good enough , u will defintely get through.

6)If u spot some one copying/cheating in the hall, this is not something suprising as a huge percentage of students are so desperate to do well and get selected that they invariably discuss answers openly and stare longer at their counterparts answers heet than their's.The best u can do is to avoid giving asylum to these "human xerox machines" or abetting such people..and stop being bothered about the fact that the "copying" crowd may spoil other's chances of getting through.

7)Always be at the centre of an OPEN WALK IN earlier than 6 am , as the crowd starts building up by 6 30 and swells by 7 am at most places in India ...and just gets out of proportion a little after that.

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