There are times when the memories of childhood are stretched just that little far ,and that's what happened this morning when I was reading THE HINDU , which had a column titled THIS DAY THAT YEAR " ....so i thought why not just rewind back a little into the past.


1991 : Was watching a benefit cup cricket match between some non descript teams where sachin and sanjay manjerekar played very well. was playing hide and seek throuhgout the evening .

1992 :was attending my cricket coaching camp in YMCA Nandanam and watching videos of the 1992 worlcup ,which I had recorded.

1993 : was In calcutta with my dad , for my summer holidays ..and visited Nicco park on this day .Bought a new set of stumps at mount road for 84 rs for 3 pieces

1994 : scored a valuable 16 off 7 balls to help my team win a 6 over's a side match in my apartments .Bought another set of stumps, but plastic this time around with a holder ..mainly meant for indoor cricket.

1995 : score a patient full day long 81 runs to win a "test " match in the B block vs C block matches...these were our version of the INDIA PAKISTAN clashes .

1996"get hooked on to the english summer .....

1997 :fell down from a mountain as i ran across the length of the mountain only to find halfway that the mountain at one point had no land .....and all of a sudden as it happens in cartoon movies i was standing on free space and fell down with a thud.....hurting my face at a place called SUHAD ,a remote village far from civilisation ,during my 1997 trekking expedition.

1998 : am debating with my dad to allow me to go and see the bangladesh vs Kenya match to be played at chennai 5 days later.he says no.....

1999: Newzealand whitewashes Bangladesh in the 1999 worldcup ...

2000: am praying for a good result in my 12th exams and DOTE ...but supposedly GOD was with his earphones on ..and e didnt seem to hear my request ..as it unfolded a few days later .

2001: Preparing hard for my first exam ENGG MATHEMATICS with full gusto.......

2002: take refuge from the sweltering Chennai heat, in the airconditioned rooms of the british
council library .

2003: Must have been sleeping

2004 : Get up in the morning at 2 am and have breakfast of hardened Puri's at 2 30 am at 2 degree's celcius while trekking at 12000+ feet in Himachal Pradesh.Trekked 24 kilometres spanning scores of mountains ......and , in the evening, sleep in a room smeared and painted brown with bull shit (or cow's shit ) ....but slept like a log.

2005 : I am wasting my time typinng this and u are wasting ur's reading this

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Choco said...

hie.! disz my first visit to ur blog ! pretty gud write up yaar !

hmm. i fondly rode my thoughts bak to my yesteryears..after readin ur blog ! my deep past associations with my frends..in school...childhood pranks... college days....campus interviews... !mann! they make me nostalgic..i wish now time had not moved at all !

i wish i cud write more, but..kartik! wotz this new window popping up in my screen??..."object reference not set to an instance of an object" ! huh ! yes...itz my .net application's call !hafta debug !
cya..soon !

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