Broad-Hmmmmmmm NARROW BAND

I just got my BSNL broadband connection at home paying a yearly deposit of around 8000 rs and discover that my dial up was 10 times faster.The so called good news turned sour ,when I discovered that the net was so slow.....that sure was a big dampner ..when I had grandiose plans to download DIVx movies on the web , to update my existing DIV x movie collections.

The other good news was that I happened to win a debate competition in office...seemingly made my day .

These days time just seems to fly as soon as I return home,and the weather in Chennai is getting on my nerves ...it's extremely HOT , so HOT that probably Chennai can probably have Mallaika Arora/Mallika Sherawat as their brand ambassador's ....Even nights seem terrible ,as I cant sleep without the AC on. To come to think of it ..the summer has just started...anyway I dont have any plans of roaming during the day time ..on weekends so the weather should actually notbe a problem...but just in case powercuts are there during this oppressive heat ...I guess the concept HOME BADE BAKING would fructify.

I pity the college/school students who have to travel in this searing heat under pressure to go and write their exams.Belive me ...nothing can be more irritating that sweating profusely in the heat and at the same time keeping mental composure to write the exams.Thank god I dont have to write any more theory exams in the mercurial month of May.

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