stench sucks

yeh hain india, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

That is a picture taken on arriving in Coimbatore station.An Indian train journey in summer is never incomplete without the wonderful stench of urine and garbage that seems to be pervading through our sense of smell to leave a lasting impression.This is something that the Railway authorities must take note of and clear such debris .Such garbage on the tracks ,could eventually prove a big ..dampner on tourism in this place.


A & A Diary said...

True as you say. Indian Railways need to start a major awareness campaign.

I loved each and every ride that I used to have travelling by cheran/blue moon from chennai to cbe during my college days.

Anonymous said...

indian train journeynaa??!! nim ajjina badiya...nim kongara oorellla haage iratte andre ella ooru hange iratte ankondidya...kongati katpadi nan magane.

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