Finally i ended my visit to Adayar by having some light snacks at AAB(Adyar Anandha Bhavan..).This has been one of my favourite haunts to eat Chaat varieties and buy sweet's and other south Indian delicasies. Dahipapdi chaat is one of my favourite ...so to say long time favourite that I have consumed for 13 long years as a loyal customer of Adyar Anandha Bhavan.I prefer Anandha bhavan to other places in adyar simply because of the reasonable prices that used to exist and the quality of their chaat items.

But all of a sudden ..more so in the last 5-6 months all prices in the chaat category have been hiked teribly by around 50% ,which means ...a larger hole in my pocket....but as long as it keeps my tounge happy ...I am not complaining.

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