Hi Fi Joshy

Hi Fi Joshy, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

That's my college Benchmate JOSHY,who seems to be a self proclaimed brand ambassodor for the SONY range of products to show How HI-FI he's become after living a year of life in Bangalore .He had come to Chennai for the weekend.He works in a place that is 10 year's into the future,but lives in a place befitting 10th century BC or even the stone age.No guesses ...He works at Infy Bangalore and stays at Electronics city ...surrounded by thousands of engineer's who save money by staying at places like E city.

The advantage as such of staying in Ecity.

1) Helps u work late at nights and return home quickly as the Bangalore traffic can sometimes be a pain in the arse ....coming to a virrtual standstill at nights on Hosur Road.

2) Helps u save some money ...as all places in bangalore after E city ...are terribly expensive..I remember paying 4000 bucks rent individually for 200 sw feet of place in BTM LAYOUT,a decent hangout where at least the basic amenities of life are availabale , unlike e city...which has only recently adapted to civilisation.

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