ROCK STAR ? APE ? NO It's HARI .....

That's my former schoolmate Hari Anand..who seems to have changed a lot facially,otherwise he hasn't changed much.He still talks in the same confused vein shaking his head and making some funny movements of his face while talking.

The guy was one of a kind when he was in school.When I joined Vidya Mandir in class 5 (92), I met him on the first him day and learnt that the class was divided into 2 groups of 3-4 people HARI and Co and Deepak and Co and they used to perform some crazy things ...like having a verbal war as to who would build a space craft first...and the stupid fool that I was , I thought they really were to build them ...and in the process was a member of this crazy gang for some time befores sense prevailed ,when we realized that our ambitions dont seem to be on the same plane (as early as class 5 !!!).Deepak and Hari wanted to be scientists and I wanted to pass the next test!!!!

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