Soft war engineer or Software engineer

These days I seem to be virtually at loggerhead's with the damn code,deadlier and much tougher to unravel than the DA VINCI CODE. Coding is a phase of one's life( a software engineer that is ) that most seem to be in a confused state.Coding can bring moments of extreme ecstacy and moments of depression too..all in a matter of seconds. 80% of the time I am frustrated to search and spot the damn possible place of error and the rest 20 % is spent in distributing the "extremes" of joy and dissapointment. Is coding tough ??? A tough question to answer ...depends on the logic that needs to be implemented...and sometimes my Brain is forced to remind myself that hey ...I too am a software engineer and need to remove mental blocks that periodically keep building up when unfinished,misbehaving code dances on my desktop.

I am happy that the week has passed quicker than expected and my 2 days of bliss(the great weekend ) is back ...it's the only time I can actually be in a lighter vein , releived of stress of any kind ....but the very mention Of Monster Monday makes me sport a grimace ...which like a virus eats up the spirit of the weekend.

All of a sudden I am reminded of the famous saying "the grass on the other side is greener" ..I all of a sudden feel College (hell a year back ) was a bliss compared to work , as the responsibilties are less and it's real fun preparing for exams in which u know that whatever crap u write in a manner such that the content is extrapolated to pages ....u are still gonna pass and get decent grades. All off a sudden ..with responsibilities,appraisal's,code delivery ...blah blah blah....I am slowly getting nostalgic of the days when I was "VETTI" (jobless) while in final year...where coming to college by itself was a Fun picnic trip travelling 100 odd kilometers to and fro in a day.

So this week it shall be Me,Myself and the mellifluous tunes of Kishore Da. Happy weekend to myself and U who is reading this.

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Govar said...

Came in throuugh somewhere.. dunt rememer. But being vetti is far tougher than typing code... as far as my personal experience goes. :)

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