The Pavillion !!!!

The Pavillion !!!!, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.


Why was this place of so much importance?

Well this is where my college ayah and watchman live in a house within the school premises and it was in this house that I spent a considerable amount of free time whenever cricket matches were on those days...If i remember from 1993 to 2000.

Each of us used to take turns to go to the toilet and sneak our way to the grilled window of the ayah's house to catch the latest update on the score and the one who told the score in the class was a "hero" or a center of attraction for a minute as till buzz of the scores gets around every one.

One of my saddest days in AYAH's house was on the fateful day of the thirteenth of march 1996.The day started ...or rather the afternoon started with wild celebration over the fall of sanath jayasuriya and romsh kaluwitharana of succesive balls in the semifinals of the 96 WORLD CUP...but the Indian's decided to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory ...and comitted suicide succumbing to an otherwise inept sri lankan bowling attack.

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