One heck of a trip

This was one of the most enjoyable trips to Ooty,which was not like the conventional sightseeing and boat rides,but involved a lot more exploring various virgin locations in and around OOTY that seemingly is less crowded and offer's a lot to explore.In this short 2 day trip we saw sunshine,heavy rains,cotton like mist floating around us and to end it with a bath in one of the lakes near mettupalayam,amidst the deep jungles.The only regret being the Mudumalai wildlidfe reserve ...where supposedly the census was going on and even though the rooms were free...we couldnt book it until the forest officer at ooty confirmed us accomadation...and when he finally did confirm the accomadation we 50 kilometres too far from ooty ...close to mudumalai..in a place called naduvattam.

Oh yeah......we struggled around with ourt accomadation ...as we found much to our dismay that most of the hotels (read 99.9%) of the hotels in Ooty were full...and after roaming about from hotel to hotel.. lady luck drove us to a posh hotel called The NALAPAD'S RESIDENCY in OOTY..where we hard to forkout quite a sum for the night...but the rooms and the facilities were too good there...

On the whole I enjoyed the trip very much and ...will try and upload the photos soon.Some of the best photos are in my friend's digital camera....and mobile...so will have to wait a while to get that.

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Prakash said...

Wot is Google doing over there....??hmmm....planning 2 make a fortune thru this blog....??$100 is not a bad idea though....but i am not gonna click them 4 u....(haha...)!!

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