Astro Fundae

This is what this site had to say about me

The native will be bold, courageous and pushful. Will not be timid. He will be fond of money. He will have much interest in sports and adventure. The native will have a philosophical bend of mind. He will be attached to spiritual or educational institutes. He will easily make friends. He will be honest and will not care for other's feelings while speaking truth. The native will be full of optimism and look for the brighter side of the life.He will not be short tempered and will take any action after due consideration. He will like to work in large organizations. The native will be a good manager of things. He will be cooperative and will have many friends.
Considering the negative side the native may become obstinate to a fault, and may not listen to other's point of view. He may work towards his goal very slowly missing many opportunities. Glutton tendencies may surface up. He may become very short tempered.The native may choose his partner after a great deal of thinking. He will be a loyal and devoted husband. He will attend to the needs of the family. He will be fond of his partner and children. Will be a dutiful husband.

If u find any anomalies in this report , if u know me across the web or personally feel free to send a comment or two .

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