A.R.Rehman's of the suburb..

Some where down the line as we get immersed in work,we hardly take a moment to reflect and see the surroundings around us and the existence of other interserig specimens of life. During my 20 minute suburban sojourn from Guindy Railway station to Egmore in the morning,as I place my legs near the door of the left entrance of the trains,in the hope that no one will vie for that place,footboarding the train,I hear quaint sounds of music , infact filmi music ..which has a montonous and repetitive tone, though a tad sad tone..amidst the din of passing stations and ever burgeoning crowd at stations like guindy and T nagar.It is the voice of a blindman who sings famous numbers from films , to earn his daily bread through the pennies which we dish out to him on a rather sepulchral note,as we cant bear to see his misery. But after giving the money nobody bothers to give him or his song a second look.His songs are clearly "ghaam bhaare" sad songs of yesteryears which brings about a sad feeling first thing when you encounter him,and to trounce the seed of bad mood,we decide to do a CTRL-ALT-DEL by givbing him money and packing off.I do neither ... nor give money nor shoo him away but listen intently at his song.His voice is rather good,but he doesnt know to market it properly given that singin to earn big time , is his wildest fancy as his immediate goal is to meet his next meal expenses or possibly a cup of coffee.

There are times one feels sorry for them , but to be frank , I would have been happy if they had taken the steps to explore their talent,as there are 100's of voluntray organizations who may have some contact and can make them earn a sizeable amount of atleast 5000 rs rather than waiting for the 50 paise or 1 rupee coin to be put in with contempt in his penny box.Rather if he earns money by making people happy with his singing , he stands to earn more and live a more respected life.

We people are so conditioned to opt for the most safe option and then blaming everything on fate, as if we are totally controlled by fate.Luck does play a plart,but it is directly proportional to the effort you put up. I am just going to try this out than merely use this blog as a sounding board for empty talk.The next time I encounter some one like this I would like to talk to them personally , as that by itself will lift the self esteem of these blind-singers-begging for alms and try and touch base with any voluntary organization to help them out.

Just because one is physically mentally challeneged one should count himself out of the human race.Effort , Honest efforts and hope are the key ingredients for making a tasty life. One never know's the blind singers may be a genius in the making.Incase you know some music companies/voluntary organization feel free to buzz me .


Anand said...

What u have said is very much true. We dont want to start our day with a sad note listening to the sad numbers they sing but they have immense talent which they r not able to promote. For them it is a livelihood, rooti kapada aur makan all comes from this talent that they have.

Its great to make a change in a person's life, All the best.

Random thoughts from Chennai to Canada said...

hey Kartik...I completely support you on this one.All the best!!Someone has to make a start and I hope people get inspired by your thoughts and helping nature...

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