The Uncle's shop

This was a signboard in a hotel near Peter's road right opposite to Sathyam Cinemas called Krishnas which is run by a couple . The food that we had was alu paratha and fried rice for lunch for a very affordable 35 rs per plate (Include Lassi too) .I've never come across such homely and tasty food anywhere in Chennai ,at least in the north Indian hang outs that I have had food in. More so what struck me was the sheer warmth and simplicity of this place and the message that was put up. Thanks goodness I discovered this shop else I would have to land myself at the atrociously high priced Saravana Bhavan Self service hotel, or the AC Saravana Bhavan where a dosa according to the waiter there costs just "77 rupees" .

So next time I see a movie at Satyam cinemas, I know where I am heading !

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Ram said...

Yes da Saravana Bhavan is charging US prices in India, it is high time we search for an alternative.

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