Valentine Day Blues ... My Take

The Pessimist in me says

I never thought love as a concept could be so easily marketed and packaged in a pink cellophane accompanied by red colour baloons and some last minute so called romantic,bad poetry on a simple piece of card,that is sold at 10 times the price forces fools like us to dig deep into our already half empty purses .So the expression of love is more so measured by the romantic accoutrements that is presented to one's Valentine and not by the depth of emotions in one's organ called the Heart.If You ask me Honestly ,This Valentine's day concept is a universal joke that is created by some Harvard university passout who just found a new way to churn money and a good way at that too.The very concept of creating a formula for love seems so interesting from a business point of view,but so much sucks from a individulaistic point of view.

Whatever happened to pure unconditional love that is supposed to hold fort 365 days a year.Why should love be taken out and flaunted gaudily in shades of pink and red ....all over the newspapers or websites on just a single day.Every thing from a RIN soap to a Utensil to a Camera is sold using the Valentine's day concept.

Romantic love was supposed to be spontaneous and no treated as a RED switch which glows on the 14th of February every year ,which leads to the guy taking his girl to overpriced dinners in overbooked restaurants which are Red all over and leave u RED after the bill erodes your bank account..all in the name of love,when you are halfway through the month and only a fraction remains in your bank account.At least if the community is so bothered in promoting love, why does the Information and broadcasting ministry have to pass censor on all the lovely movies on Star Movies and HBO cutting all the scenes where the hollywood babes give us a glimpse of how they make Love.Anyways to hell with the I & B Ministry .. we always have lovely tools on the net and BSNL Broadband to make us feel better :-)

Valentine's day may be a RED letter day in the annals of lovers ..but is a curse especially for the singles.It is what they call a S.A.D phenomenen (Singles Awareness Day).On no single day can a guy/girl who is single ...can feel the punch so much like the dreaded Feb 14th.These poor singles seeing all the mushiness around are pressurised to look for any similar member of the oposite sex..to find solace and bask in the moonlight and then if things go wrong tend to scream "Mera Number Kab Ayega "

All that mush at somepoint is going to make the single guy/girl ...search and rummage through their old music collection listening to "Jab Dil hi Toot Gaya ...toh jeekar kya kaarenge".Even if you are relatively happy being single..it feels frustrating to know that your best friend is too busy following the "Figura pathu friend-a cut panra " policy while your friend's girlfriend actually happens to be in your company's big project team,which you never got to know.That girls incidentally after having Monday morning software bugs,starts to camouflage her love bugs also ....which is so much girlish...having feelings and camouflaging and expecting the guy to open up.

Between all this there is a DMK or a PMK or a Shiv sena which starts condemning any activity that is remotely feminine.They hold protests and drive out couples even if they are married..as they quote "Indian culture doesnt permit such heinous,prurient acts of love declaration" thus weakening the average Indian's otherwise volataile memory which taught the world what the Kamasutra was.

Not to forget TV Channels who would use this oppurtunity with Mobile phone companies to have ludicrious SMS contests which would have Mandira bedi screaming aloud (in that purposefully low cut dress, that reveals no skin except her cleavage) " viewers if u love ur boyfriend ...then sms SEX to 8888 and win a free trip to Tempation ISLAND and in the midst of this wild sms sending spree there would be the odd young school going couple,who would by mistake send an MMS instead of an SMS, that focusses on some self flattering love making admiring melons and banana's ..which incidentally would also be available in the next one hour across the Chennai Beach Railway station in the CD flooded Porn world of Burma Bazzar.

Jobless are those who waste their time knowing fully well what happens on a Valentine's day .. and still keep asking "How was ur valentine's day".Even jobless are those ... who waste the productive hours in their office sitting and Reading Romantic Blogs and the worst category of jobless people are people who spend time composing this 4 paragraph drivel (and yo !! thats me ...).

An optimistic me will talk on the positives of Valentine day... when I finally get a girlfriend...(My astrologer keeps assuring me every year that I will create history by marrying at 21..and I keep getting younger for him :-) )

so till then ... I suggest to one an all , just as the president gives the address before dwlai to have a safe cracker bursting diwali that "Have a peaceful ,low expectation Valentines day as Valetine day brings in relationships,and in a relationship the expectations are too high...and that leads to a outlet called dissapointment,which sets the heart plummeting and driving crazy ...and other than the marketing people..its now time for the Doctors to take over and make money
Long Live Valentine's day ..it contributes 10% to India's GDP in just 1 day.


My Minutes said...

Good one...
So you are one among the frustated "am happy alone" type??..

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog regularly.

Don't you think you are bordering on cheap thrills and too many "cleavage" related flicks to increase your popularity among your readers.

You write good stuff buddy. you dont need crutches something just short of vulgarity to carry you forward.

just a piece of advice.

Kartik Kannan said...

@@@@ mY mINUTES: Hi I am a cross between the "am happy alone" types and the "mera number kab ayega" types...

Since I dont have a serious girfriend...I guess I cant surely say that I am happy alone ....

@@@@@ Anon

Well thanks for encouraging me . Well , to be frank , I am just writing stuff on what I feel like and not to actually increase my site visits etc ... But I dindt know that It looks that obvious ...or suggests like that.

Anyway thanks for pointing what it looks like to the reader.

Anonymous said...

are u gonna be the same when u get a girlfriend

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