Typo Rulez

I have been asked by lots of people to spend some time taking care to compose my blog entries carefully.The Problem is I hardly have time to blog and do whatever I can before I leave office as my computer at home condescends to Boot up before my prying eyes. So I have decided that this Blog will be typo free and more carefully typed.

I had a good weekend..spending a lot of time with myself,what I wanted to do in life,examining my life for the past 2 years,my follies,my greatest experiences and some other mixed moments.Never haveI felt so recharged on a Monday Morning.Mentally planning on a sunday for the week ahead,so much so infuses unrestricted enthusiasm and that is what I am experiencing.

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Anonymous said...

Dear karthik,

I understand your feelings about Typo rulez:-) have been there myself... tried working on correcting myself too hard i guess and then finally gave it up for some name that suited my handicap - thus the name 'typical'! (oh yeah - it does have more to do with the typos i am famous for - atleast among my friends - than with my being a person of any particular category !:-))

(Though i suddenly wonder if i am too late to post a comment on this particular blog of yours! :-/)

- typical (sulekha)

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