India Vs Pakistan Videos from the 4th match

I heard that a few people in the US were following the videos on my blog as they couldnt get the match feed there.For those souls I managed to spare sometime during my lunch break to go to the nearest hotel and capture some match videos. I realise how mad i was to watch even a glimpse of match videos in the post CAS regime before I bought the set top box.I usd to stay up late,scanning news Channels for that elsuive 30 secnd cricket match highlights/wickets..so I can feel the urge to see some clippings of the "mother of all battles" so for all desis and non desis ...here u go.

I was quite suprised to see Pakistan Struggle their way to 161...but I wont be able to watch the rest of the match as I have a train to catch this evening at 5 30 to Banglore.So any nice souls who happen to read this blog pls do sms the scores if possible.

So enjoy the videos...

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