Tiruttani Tamasha

Tiruttani is a small 4 lane town enroute to Tirupati along the Chennai Arokkannam rail track. I totaly forgot that one my colleague had his wedding and only later did I realize that the whole Office was preparing to catch the 4 30 Thirupathi Passenger Train.So I lost no time in confirming my prescence for the 2 hour train journey to attend my colleague's wedding reception.

This was taken just outside the train , as we were about to board the train.I remember this list was of vital importance to me when I was living in Bangalore during my Infy Training days.Invariably the probability of finding a chick in a compartment was as high as 5/72 along the Chennai Bangalore route and that,I remember was the point of attention for some of my friends and me .Our algorrithm was simple .Select * from List Where Sex = Female and Age 18<>25 (and if possible please make them sit near me ) .But sadly on the Tirupati passenger Alaipayudhey type experiences cannot be expected..so I shut my inner expectations and sat down to check out the country side through the window seat.

There are times ,when Hunger makes you forget what's good for you stomach and what's not.The samosas served for Re 1, had more oil in them , than aloo masala ,but these are the times when mind says no,but stomach says yes.

This caught my fancy in Arakkonam Railway Station. Were the Railway Police upto any branding campaign for promoting themselves.I found the name a tad strange though,so it finds it's way into my blog.


I learnt yesterday how some of my friends and colleagues were so peeved to find out that their height was only 5 point something ..and no where near 6. We found a height measuring device near our Hotel lodge. So all the 5 pointers were initially dissapointed , but the sumptous feast later in the night camouflaged for the 5-point something feelings.

With the decibel levels really high ..in the marriage halls , I did not want my ear buds to commit suicide , So i decided to roam about the country place ..and found the Railway tracks an ideal place to just drift away along with my colleague.
Some times a walk along a lonely railway track is so much peacefull and gives me an exalted state of mind.This was one such occaission.


OF Eating , of course ... but as Murphy's law goes , I generally eat more when I tend to pay from my pocket than when eating for free.Any way my foibles stay only with me :- )

The Kalyana Mandapam had a unique policy , as you see in the above photograph.They have huge framed pictures of the couples who have married there so far,which kinda explains the popularity of this marriage hall in this 4 lane town.Its actually nice publicity and a lovely way to remember that " so and so's marriage was held here"

This is actually not the Temple , but the railway station at Tiruttani which oozes relegius fervour as the station is made in the form of a temple.


Random thoughts from Chennai to Canada said...

I remember when my friends and I used to lie about group studies and we used to sneak into marriage halls just for the food.We used to long for it very badly if we hadn't attended a marriage for a year or so....just the excitement of sitting there and having a little would make us happy.Some of these incidents are priceless!!

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hi Kartik,
Tht was a nice post. Alaipayuthey??? Hahaha. Good tht nothing hapend like the movie where Trisha and Simbu acted. Donno the name of the movie :-/ BTW, on an unrelated subject, Have u read 5pointsome1??
Photos were too good..Got a clear picture of the story...

Have a nice day,

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