Brand Recall ?

Tnagar Railway station has absolutely no space for any small hoarding as the station is cluttered with so many advertisements that I really dont feel like even seeing them,leave alone recalling the brand.Pothys the garment store has found a more effective way to connect with their customers,by having fewer adverts and banners on T nagar station and more enroute the stations close by T nagar on house walls with a 10 metre seperation.So effectively between say Saidapet and Mambalam railway station they would have about 15-20 huge banners painted on walls of houses ...and that is a better way of brand recall than fighting for the heavily cluttered space on T Nagar station. I happened to notice them yesterday when I was commuting to office in the morning.

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Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hahaha, Not even a inch would be left in few years. There would be big hoardings inbtwn buildings. These hoardings also contribute to many accidents in the road. It not only occupies space, it attracts the passerby in any vehicle.

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