Predictability versus Creativity

This is a raging debate in my mind as soon as I board the local suburban train , while standing on the footboard amidst the clutter and din of the people rushing in and out . Where does one want to be in life ? and what are the mind tools one needs to get to his/her goals .If this question is put to most of us, we would respond by saying any position or hierarchy in a certain organization.but to get at this further,I've shortlisted 2 tools that drive careers .

Lets dissect this a bit in detail. We generally work hard to make sure that we get things in place and things are in order so that we feel comfortable with a system in place.That is precisely the reason why software use is so prevalent. That is a step towards ensuring predictability.To make sure one's constantly reaching optimimum levels of predictability , one needs to put in lots of effort sifting through numbers and studying to get a relationship between the numbers to support some theory,else place a new theory with the given numbers to attain a minimum level of stability or predicatability.But so much time is spent on first reaching this peak called Precitability and much more time is spent on staying there.

What happens as a result of that predictability is after working so hard,in achieving a level of predictability , when you see success,it is like getting to see light at the end of a long dark tunnel and one's mind deviates towards relaxing and after the relaxing binge , there is a general tendency to let the system do the talking as one has achieved a certain degree of predictability.No one is prepared to work hard all over again.In that process , the creativity suffers . Why one may ask . Creativity does not involve any tangible benefits untill the idea is fuelled into motion , while the predictability operation of analysis offers benefits as when some analysis is done and that is the safest way to just be on track,while creativity is similar to hype ...it pushes you to dizzy heights or drowns you in an abysmal nadir.

When the mind vacillates between achieving optimimum levels of both (predictablity and cretivity both suffer alternatingly and all that seperates success and failure is how we mix and match both these factors amidst the tight schedule one has during work. This may seem a tad boring ,for a topic ..but I chose to blog on this as more often than not,what determines one's career growth is ultimately how well he/she play their cards mixing and matching creativity with precitability. To sum up ..Predictability is like laying a foundation on which you envisage a burgeoning building while creativity helps you plan how cool the building looks like that will tempt a customer to buy it, as a building with cool looks ,without a foundation is like an idea without an implementable base.

So here I am ...approaching 23 years of my life, yet to find the optimum balance between the above 2 factors and living in the wonderful thing called hope , that I will crack this code someday in the near future.

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