Gokarna Trip:Part 3 -Om Beach-Half Moon beach-Paradise Beach-Gokarna

This part of the trip started on a lovely note,when I lunged forward in the boat and saw dolphins floating closeby in the sea and took out my camera.But the problem was the waves, that was lashing the boat,which used to deposit huge amounts of water in our boat,and leave my bag and my clothes wet.So I decided to play safe,keeping my camera inside the bag and just admire the lovely scenery all around.At this point our attention was solely on the boatoarsman,who seemed to have a diifferential rate pattern for each of his customers.We paid around 50 bucks per person for the trip while the others were exhorbitantly charge around 75-100 per person per trip for the 15 minute journey from Gokarna Beach to Om Beach. The funda here on such trips is to have some one in your gang,who know the local Language and thanks to Arry,we minimised a lot of money in the trip,by not giving in to the rates these local people of Gokarna offered for travel.

As soon as we touched Om Beach, there was a sense of elation as we saw that the beach was a huge one and an amazingly picturesque beach with the lands jutting out and forming a formation of the hindi alphabet OM...(Thats why the name OM beach ).
OM Beach is a famous destination for foreigners due to the lovely beach view and trekking options it has to offer other than the relatively secluded environment and I was already seeing lots of foreigners all busy sunbathing.

Sunbathing was a concept we could not subscribe to as we anyway get baked in Chennai in the simmering Perrennial heat wave.So we decide to just sit there and take a walk around the beach.After the walk...we remove our clothes..and with the bare essentials walk into the water to find that the depth is not that much and nor are the waves that powerful.So a guy who doesnt know simming like me, has a ball in the water by just jumping in and out and staying in there...waiting for the waves to come and move you.OM beach's captivating sceney had me in the water for about a couple of hours after which OM beach'stemperature was threatening to beat the summer record set in Chennai.We got off there ...and waited a while to dry our bodies..while we observed many foreigners swimming long and quite deep into the ocean.

It is actually a little embarrasing when you have a foreigner wearing one skimpy top showing 95% skin right next to you,and mind you...that is the height of tempation.With nothing much to do on a lonely beach,one's eyes hardly misses such darshan...as even if you look in another direction there's a another lady sunbathing in that direction.This is what God calls the Problem of plenty.

After enough gawking and gazing, our stomach grumbles and we decide to go to a shack for lunch and the lunch of Chappati/Nan/Gobi Manchurian served there seemed to be much better than the food we get in Hotels in Chennai.

As we are enjoying the delicasies of North Indian food, in the few chairs next to us all of a sudden a lady takes of her top and has a tiny dress that more so confirms that she wears something on top,but functionally as a cover it doesnt seem to be of any use....Not that we mind... :-)

Well Even Biology would'nt have taught me so much about the female anotomy as the Gokarna trip had taught me in a couple of hours on Om Beach.

After a sumptous lunch we walked on braving the heat, in the name of adventure treking and met a couple of Israeli babes on the way,who apparently wanted us to convey something to a person on the next beach regarding her accomadation and little did I realise that in the next beach, this lady had booked the last available accomadation on the beach,which meant we could'nt get a shack to stay on Halfmoon Beach, the next beach.

Half Moon Beach,was a smuch smaller beach and was even more picturesque and this was "hotter" than OM Beach, given the fact that some ladies needed to be reminded that they needed to cover their most valuable assets from prying eyes.This is where I saw a topless woman...and decided I have had enough gnyaan in a day and decided to rest.We rested for a while on the beach...in a secluded spot.. speaking about our "AMERICAN PIE" like trip so far,when we get shooed away by another Britisher,who says since her towels and other accesories were there that was their private space.We didnt want to protest and create a scene..so we respected their privacy and moved on closer to the ocean and decided to plunge into the sea.

It was here while swimming I met 3 Israeli girls and 1 Belgian teacher,where they were speaking about why they loved Indian Beaches on the west so much.All of a sudden they digressed to Hinduism and other spiritual talk...and I was quite suprised to know that they knew more about Hinduism , than I ever bothered to Know.
Promiscuity on the beach is something thatt's the norm here,but it hardly affected us,we had come for a pure beach trek..and got some lovely trekking routes...and in a foreigner infested place,such things are pretty much expected.2 of those Israeli girls were so beautiful, that If I felt like saying a dialogue of a foreign minister"Lets go 1 step ahead in cementing Indo-Israeli Relations in peace ,harmaony and seclusion. But the problem was the mind always detects such signals from the heart as "lust signals " and thrashes it then and there by reminding me of Targets,Pafe views and Home.

After the "unconquered Israeli" assignment ..we resumed our trek to Paradise beach and in the journey to Paradise beachwe had to climb huge rocks and mountains that were a tad slippery ,due to the Moist Moss and Lichens.This trek was a trek,where we got lost in our admiration of the place and the lovely views we had got to shoot pictures that we missed the route and got lost into a forest which took us farther away from Paradise beach.Even though we were wasting our time,This was the time we really enjoyed the trek as we bruised our legs amidst Thorns, bushy outgrowths and some sudden jumps due to the lack of a proper path.

We almost broke our legs and fell into an elephant trap as we jumped just ,avoiding the elephant hole and landed safely on a set of wooden twigs thatwere already broken...and some of those sharp pointed edges punctured our enthusiasm and also our legs to an extent.Our legs were bleeding slightly and just as were about to give up we see land, we see pretty young israeli things walking about at a distance.WE let out a war cry that we have reached the destination...and slowly walk towards the beach.

Paradise Beach is one of the best beaches and the most secluded , peaceful beaches are beyond this.We look for staying the night here and explore teh other beaches around...but heart says yes and legs say no...so we abort our plan...and we realize that this place doesnt have any medical facilities ...and hear that only 1 boat leaves this place in the evening.So we decide that since we are not very clear with how we plan to reach Goa tommorow to catch our flight to Bangalore,It would be better if we get back to Gokarna and plan our trip from there. So its bye bye Paradise Beach...and we begin the journey back to Gokarna by the beach.

This Boat journey scared the shit out of us and the high tides in the sea literally made us go in a sinisoidal 70 degree angles to the water..coming in and out ..and thankfully my camera survived and so did our bag...and we had our heart in our mouth throughout the return journey.

TIP : Never start later than 5 45 pm on a sea..as the tides are high during Sunset and the boats,even if motor powered are prone to capsize if a big wave hits the boat.

We thanked our stars after we reached Gokarna Beach and spent some time in the sand making castles and waiting to absorb the sunset.


axix said...

Having fun guys! U know i'd like to see more shots of thoes "darshan".

axix said...

Having fun guys! U know i'd like to see more shots of thoes "darshan".

axix said...

Having fun guys! U know i'd like to see more shots of thoes "darshan".

axix said...

Having fun guys! U know i'd like to see more shots of thoes "darshan".

Paurna said...

having a ball huh karthik.if possible cud u post pics of those isreali girls

bhuppiace said...

We just came back from Gokarna yesterday and had goood fun.......

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