Rang De Basanti-

This movie Rocks big time and I seriously feel this movie can stir quite a revolution just as Dil Chahta Hain did to Indian cinema .This movie would get a perfect 10 for the screen play and the natural acting that emanates from the cast.Soha ali khan... has mesmerised me all over ..and maddy and she do make a good pair. Rang-de seems a Yuva meets Dil Chahta Hain and fulfills the unfulfilled dreams of Swades and As ever A.R.Rehman rocks.

What was actually comical was I was to go for this movie with my friend Aparna and Rakesh yesterday ,but since I was busy in office and couldnt find time to join them for the day show, I helped Rakesh finding out tickets availability online at Satyam,and my CEO seemed to have just turned up behind me and saw me trying to book tickets...and asked me how the movie was doing.I replied in the affirmative and he said "why not all of us go tommorow " and lo I happened to go for todays 11 30 show from office with my team.

This movie has really touched my heart and this is just not anyother patriotic film that just has a certain sunny deol and sunil shetty shouting loud mouthed dialogues even as they are hit by a hundred bullets.This movie views patriotism in a totally new sense and the lovely parallel that was brought between the Jallianwala Bagh massacre and the current day political relegious crimes seemed to have carried the movie along just as Maniratnam overuses this thing called "flashback " . It is a good film that entertains you while you're in the theatre, barring the 130 rs price tagline at the new satyam theatre (6 degrees ) but overall it's great film stays with you long after you've left it,pretty much similar to movies that I have seen before like Iqbal,Alaipayuthe,Hyderabad Blues,Yuva..... blah blah blah .

The film sends out the strong message that every generation fights its own set of battles for the country. Hindu fundamentalists are also targeted in the film through Atul Kulkarni, an extremist who fights to retain his Indian-ness and initially when he came in the first scene I thought he was going to be a villain with a Pro-Shivsena look..but that wasn't to be . After watching the film, the MiG fighter planes story seems to be the crucial link to the outflow of emotions caused by the insouciance shown by the goverment and Indian airforce towards correcting the defects in the dreaded killer plane.Most films these days have a predictable story and viewers are usually a step ahead in foreseeing what's next. But the director Mehra proves to be cleverer and keeps the curiosity alive till the end. The climax comes as a big 'surprise'as it's not a typical Indian ending when the guy who gets a 100 bullets in his chest ..somehows stays alive to reunite with his loved one and the villain who takes one knock is dead.

Siddharth, the Boys lead plays a rather confused but well expressed role , in expressing his love towards Soha and in general being a moaner and the same time also wanting to be a cool dude.But Siddharth comes across brilliantly in the movie and takes the story forward and has something to contribute in the movie than playing second fiddle to a lead actor. Infact It's suprising to see the roles being evenly spread across all the actor's in the movie,when the banal bollywood rule would have a movie revolve around an actor with the female lead ,who plays the cute doll ,and more so today the vamp also ...with some skin .

Aamir proves his mettle as a cheerful extrovert, though at some places his age betrays him,with he being a student at Delhi university .Though he says he's passed out 5 years ago,then what the hell is he doing on campus driving jeep and being famous with the DU junta.Anyway, "Rang De Basanti" cannot be termed an out and out Aamir film because the rest of the cast gets equal opportunity to showcase their talents and they don't disappoint you even once.The film has stellar performances by the entire cast. British actress Alice Patten is brilliant and Soha surprises by her acting prowess and her chick factor.

She looks simply awesome in the movie oin most of the outfits that she wears.I would rate Soha very similar to Gayatri Joshi of the swades fame.These women have simple beuaty and grace in the way they speak and carry themselves and they in my opinion score over what a Celina Jaitley or mallika sherwat would do by showcasing their fleshy assets for lascivious souls like me :-) .

Rang de Basanti through the mouth of dear Maddy says patriotism is about standing up and doing something and not just complaining that everything in this country is useless but to see that each one of us is responsible for the current state of affairs and every one of us irrespective of caste ,creeed ,sex has the power to start effecting a change.Ah, but here is where the somewhat controversial part seeps through. Is the path taken by these guys right with so much of bloodshed and brutal murder shown? (Who knows our, censor board might still uproar saying that this movie ,might influence youth opinion like cigarettes do to youth :-) )

So what do i take back from the movie and still feel the movie ..long after I bid good bye to sweet and sexy soha at Satyam Cinemas .. ? The Audio casette/CD ..probaably enroute home ...

And Just as I was bowled over by that solitary tune in Iqbal "aaashayen " ...here I am .. now falling in love with the "ru ba ru " number from "Rang De Basanti" ... and OF COURSE SOHA ALI KHAN


Paurna said...

enna karthik,puthu crush a?

Random thoughts from Chennai to Canada said...

Rang de Basanti rocked big time!!!I have seen it twice and Im sure I will continue to see it until I get sick of it :).The story is very different compared to the typical bollywood movies.In my opinion the element of surprise was kept alive till the very end...I first wanted to see it because of Siddarth and Amir Khan but Soha Ali's acting just surprised me...

Arvind Iyer said...

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could you get an RSS feed for it too...It becomes much easier to follow your new posts then...

(just go to http://feedburner.com and they'll do the rest).

nice review btw. I loved the movie too.

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