Short-Story writing

I am a Piscean,and by nature I love dreaming a lot. But the fact is that in Todays Dog-eat-Dogg world, by the time you have dreamt something big, there's always someone who had dreamt of that earlier and as soon as rinse your face after that wonderful dream,you realise in the Morning local newspaperthat that dream has already been accomplished by some prodigy...and thus dreams have gone on over a period of time to remain unfulfilled.I have had lot of such dreams,and the only way to fulfill that is to create a virtual place where all of that happens the way I Want. So I have decided to take my interest in writing a step further by deciding to pend a story.

I guess going by my mind's hunch, it should be something to do with Fiction..and I plan to inaugarate it ..in my weekend tour to Goa.

Why writing all of a sudden ? Well I have lots of wonderful parallel debates going on in my mind,but frankly no time to collate and pen my thoughts.So have decided to a CTRL-ALT-DEL on life and go have a peaceful 3 day tour in this place called Gokarna.There are a few isolated beaches there.I just hope to get inspiration by going for a long walk across the shores with the waves lashing across me and other than that, just laze around and observe the environment, people around me ..and savour some lovely moments than ..staring at the computer monitor for 12 hours a day.

My Mind,body and soul require some respite from my work schedule and fast paced life.So am eagarly counting the hours before I board the Shatabdi express at 5 pm on Thursday at Chennai Central.I havent packed my bags yet, but dont plan to carry much luggage..just a bag with 2-3 sets of clothes..with 2 sets of shorts for chill-axing on the beach. I Just hope some Bacpacker brings along a hammock ... there to lull me into sleep.


Paurna said...

wish u a happy and safe journey

RIAZ said...

Hi karthick,
ya life would be good enough to give ctrl+alt+del when we get bored or to have fun .And one more thing life should have different operating system so that it should be heart friendly and it should have some entertainment,relaxation,chatting,playing,
putting kadalai etc...and if anything goes wrong there should be formatting option, then life would be really interesting to live...bye
syed riaz


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