Gokarna Trip Part 2- Trek From Gokarna to Om Beach

After having our lunch we saw a road leading to the beach and we decided to explore it and as the road went on swerving into Rather light starving roads,covered by the huge expanse of 100 feet Chariots on the road, we crossed the temples and the road led to the beach. As we travesed through the roads that led to Gokarna Beach,we felt were lost in a space warp ... as if travelling back through time,seeing houses with pyols and open verandahs with pillars adorning the door way and houses having wooden windows.Gokarna to me is a land that is steeped in history as the small place makes you feel as if you were transported to the early 19th century.

We decided to pay our respects to the Shiva temple that was en-route to the beach.I dont remember doing much in the temple as I just admired the structure of the temple and the mystic aura surrounding it,while my friends were more relegious in praying to gods.Unluckily the Gokarna temple is not like the Anjaneyar Temple in Nanganallur in Chennai,where they give prasadam to every devotee who visits the temple.So with no Prasadam I decide to march on ...to the beach to survey it.The beach looked absolutely stunning..it was just like the awe one had in the opening scene of the movie Titanic,when the ship was showcased in all its splendour.The music bells and the special effects seemed to play on in my mind...from nowhere.

We briefly trekked around a few mountains and had some jay walking before we deiceded to call it quits and get back to the beach to fling ourselves in the ocean.After an hour of playing in the water,we got back to our messy room

We went back and had food at a place called Pai's restaurant,which seemed to be a decent restaurant in that area.There is a certain Gokarna International,which also seems decent as far as lodging is concerned,but they seem to have their vegetarian hotel booked in bulk for bus passengers , so Pai seems to be the best option.There is this Prema Restaurant just before the beach,but I guess the hotelis just a 10 seater..so once cant expect to be served instantly.

The next day we started out at 7 am and as we walked across the beaches and were walking across the sun's rays.We came across a boat and decided to take the boat.

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Sneha said...

did you get to check out om beach? it s a real chiller

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