Buddha got enlightenment under the peepul tree but not wanting to follow his path I decided to not trod the beaten path.Had i decided or was decision imposed on me ? You will soon find out.

It was in late october in 1991 ,and a rainy one at that , when I was going to school , sitting behind my mother in her TVS Luna and I was fervently praying for the school to be declared a holiday, just as another 7 year old would when the rains are threatening to pur any moment.Just as anticipated ,My school had been closed due to the rains ,when I happened to reach there.Now me being a small kid and fresh to the environs of Chennai, My mother did not want to me to go back home in the local bus, so decided to take me to office so that she would not be late to work by dropping me home.

She was working in a 5 Star Hotel in Chennai and her cabin was next to the MD's cabin (the MD was on leave that day ) and I found the MD's cabin pretty good to explore around some books.But my mother amidst her work and tension , realized that having me around was only going to increase the accelerator on her tension. She didnt want me to go beyond any unchartered territories (Read other people's cabin ) and so banished me to a life of exile by bribing me with a strawberry ice cream to a room, where I was asked to stay for the rest of the day,after which my mother would come and pick me up.

This room had a TV a couple of Beds , some accessories which ladies use like lipstic,bindi , powder and nailpolish neatly arranged near a mirror. I got onto the bed and felt the mattress and was soon about to doze off when a couple of ladies entered and enquired who I am.After all the "samathu" intros that I gave them , I went back to closing my eyes and they went about combing their hair.Soon enough another beautiful lady came in (I realize she was the receptionist ) .I guess she was called Becky ...and she came and even as she was talking she slid her hands into her shirt button and coat buttons ,complaining how humid the Chennai weather was.

Soon all that was remaining on her was just her panties and Bra and I didnt understand why these aunties were in "Puppy shame mode" .They thought I was fast asleep but , when an aunty strips herself down to her barer minimums and trying to optimize the minimality even further, there's little a small boy like me could do to close my eyes. The ladies were discussing about some guy and how she went out with him and the fact that he's a blah blah blah from alwarpet and he has a wife. I didnt know how to react as this was the first time that I was seeing the female form in "puppy shame mode" and was trying to shy away from not seeing the curves and mountains ,which were so clearly visible.

By and large , I have been shamelessy open in my questioning and am thankful my instincts didnt take over that day ,else would have gone and asked "aunty why are you in puppy shame " . If one aunty was'nt enough there were a couple of more ladies and the strip show continued al unoblivious of a small boy on teh ebd sitting by them.That was my first hand experience of watching a lady dressfully whether it was asari or a coat or a skirt.

The only expression of emotion from my side was bewilderment and shock at seeing 30 plus and 20 plus aunty's 2 steps from being nude or "puppy shame " .An aunty even asked me which film had i recently seen and boy if that question was asked today , I would have instantly said the film being unobliviosuly shot in this room.It was a tough thing keeping eye contact with the aunty and speaking and my eyes veered down below her neck right into her breasts and since there around 4 of them like that in different directions of the bed, there's actually no place u can look at and talk.When I look back at that I now feel like getting to those lovely theories of time travel and time machine which i said was crap when Arther Clarke and his fans ruled the literary world.How wonderful it would have been if some scientist had done his proper homework on time travel, I would love to get back there and see what it feels to be like now. So this was an enlightenment of a different kind and I was never the same "samathu pulay" aftre that and I am thankful to God for having given me an oppurtuity to appreciate's nature's best made wonders and compare them all in 1 room.

Me being a little kid there , and having brushed up the with the practicalities of the "law of diminishing marginal utility" at having gazes at the same pair of things , I slept off only to wake up at 6 30 when my mother came to the room and I spoke of my Puppy shame adventure and she had a sheepish grin at hearing my story .

I was reminded of this last night when my mother and I were just reminded about my childhood advetures and misadventures.


Madras to Ambai said...

gd one man,
made me wonder whether this was a attempt on ur part to prove that u
r a guy to whom the common norms of propriety do not matter. i hope it was a sincere attempt on ur part to recollect this incident and not an attempt to self-glorify
urself.jus one more thing..now that u r like the karthik of alaypayuthey why dont u come up with a post on why u blog. if u do plz be frank..

Kartik Kannan said...

Dear madras to Ambai

This was written more so , because my mother narrated this incident to me a few days back and we aere laughing about this incident when I was a child. and no I dont use this blog as a message board to brag :-) .These are emotions that I felt a few years back and since it felt nice to get down memory lane , I wrote this .

Why I blog ?? U got it .... will do that sometime this week.

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