Visibility Blues-When Chennai became a Hill station

I got up this morning unoblivious of the dense fog that had descended over the perenially sunshine infected Chennai.The visibiliyt on the road was just 50 mts as I drove my Bike.The trains anyways didnt have a problem maintaining the speed as they hardly have to worry about traffic on the other side , unless a suicide prowler is uding the tracks as his escape route to heaven. The best place to feel the mist early in the morning is undoubtedly the Bridge that occurs between Saidapet and Guindy station where visibility was zero ...as if one were floating on heaven especially if u happen to have ur legs perched on the footboard (pretty similar to a Titanic effect..without Kate though )

The first 4 photos were taken between 7 am and 7 45 am and the final one below just shows that todays fast moving worls hardly has time to admire nature,each one busy sms'ing his friend, passing on that rather churlish joke , forwarding it for the nth time and people busy in preparing for his exams or at the most yack about how AMMA is better than M.Karunanidhi .

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