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Today I would be making the journey to Bangalore, the first leg of my journey to Gokarna.Bnagalore evokes a lot of memories from my side as I remember,not so long ago..infact 16 months ago Corporate Life began there for me and taught me so much in that 2-3 month sojourn during my training at Infosys.I learnt to dream and how sometimes Dreams can be that proverbial balloon which could get easily priced as there are thousands of pin prickers around to make their balloons flow.

I went to Bangalore as a young kid, out to explore a new world and came back a mature man to Chennai.What made me ...aware of a world that existed outside the exiled world of madipakkam was the fact that I was to fend for myself for the first time in life and handle all dissapointment and hapiness all alone.I got know the attitudes of so many people and learned to separate the saints from the sinners.There were times when I felt alarmingly lonely then,but I guess those were one of the best days of my life,where I learnt so much by making mistakes.

At this moment,I'd like to acknowledge the enjoyment I had in Bangalore to my roomies Seshu and Srikanth toward enlivening my life...in a otherwise gloomy black green screen with shades of yellow written all over..and screaming ..." Mainframes is alive and kickin" ....and it sure was kickin..me all over. But I somehow braved bathless days and sleepless days to pass my training getting past the corridor of uncertainty.

In Life one always must go through a lean patch or a coming of age trip outside home ..all alone..only then will one know the power of inner feeling and would learn not to depend on anyone for emotional support.I remember then...I was just recovering from my operation and the sedatives in terms of the medicenes I had for my post operation recuperation made me snore like an ogre treating the mainframes as a Japanese movie premiere.

I also learnt that Brigade road is what makes Bangalore sell,but once you go there you realize that there are a 100 roads that have vehicles going at 5 km/hr with miles and miles of waiting traffic...than beatiful babes who cajole you around.It was like a mirage that I misread all the way from Chennai and when Start reality dawned on me ..I was fed up of Brigade Road ..and decided to star gaze on the chicks on offer on Hosur road...but even before I could gaze my attention, I was married to Mainframes and had a very tough time divorcing mainframes.

I guess I wont get time in this trip to see the Infy Campus again,but would definetely get to meet some college and Infy Office buddies after my flight lands in Bangalore from Goa.I do have a plan to make it on a weekend to either the Mysore campus or the Bangalore campus and relive memories in the garb of a visitor and not an employee.

Here are some pictures of the Infosys Bangaloe office

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